Why CutFinity



What is CutFinity? A Magic Bullet?

No, if you’re looking for a magic bullet, our CutFinity is not for you. It is for serious, determined, dedicated and driven business owners who take pride in ownership and eager to expand. Business owners, who want to follow out System, promote the business through our Brand and legitimately break through to the next level and build a thriving, owner-independent business.

Just follow cutfinity System; no more guessing, no more doubting your decision or struggling to figuring out on your own. Just read, get trained and execute action plans with our step-by-step guidance and expand with structured accountability; leading to financial freedom! CutFinity is a customer focused and forward-thinking company that provides family hair care services using state-of-the-art facility and ultra-modern technology.

Distinct Advantages of CutFinity

  • Recession and Technology resistant
  • Recurring and In-Demand need for Hair Care services
  • Manager Managed Model helps you put it on Auto-Pilot
  • Auto-pilot Business Model increases scalability
  • Excellent comprehensive trainings from hair care professionals
  • Multiple Profit Centers
  • Comprehensive Marketing System
  • Step-by-step guidance with Business Operating System
  • Low startup cost
  • Low inventory cost
  • Bulk buying power lowers your cost
  • Assistance with Site Selection, Lease Negotiation and Custom Build-out
  • Initial and On-going Support Programs
  • Excellent networking and educational opportunities
  • Sense of accomplishment and a Sense of achievement
  • Prime locations, Area Development and Master Territory Opportunities
  • Delightful name & Eye-pleasing Logo that pass the 'radio' and 'optics' test!

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