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Haircare Future

We all have heard a Robot doing a lot of things these days including Heart Surgery; have you ever heard a robot cutting your hair? Of course not!

The recent technology has enabled mega corporations taking over the retail markets and bringing the brick and mortar stores to their knees with very bleak future. Can you imagine their drones coming to your home and cutting, coloring and styling your hair? Of course not!

Hair care industry is directly related to a person’s look and self-esteem and therefore it is in high demand. It is growing and will continue to grow – there’s no other way, period! Its recession resistant quality is a real boon to the salon owners. People spend money on their haircare needs to fulfil their inherent desire of ‘looking good, feeling great’! That’s why CutFinity™ has proudly copyrighted its slogan, “CutFinity style makes you smile©”

Per Market Research Future (MRFR)'s Analysis, the Global Hair Care Market is projected to expand at healthy and stable pace w/CAGR of 3.40% in foreseeable future from 2019 - 2023.

Per Quick Stone Capital Solutions’ Salon Industry Statistics 2018 Report, Beauty Industry is booming! “On average, the industry has grown 2.7% annually and is expected to grow 2.2% for next 5-years. That means the salon industry is expected to outperform the United States general economy in that same time period.” In recent decades the industry has evolved to attract men and women of all ages; it just so happens, that the number continues to grow.

Many savvy investors are taking advantage of this rising trend and opportunity to expand their portfolios. Rising disposable income and consumer confidence has fostered the industry growth and bolstered the investors. Many individuals and companies have continued to enter the industry due to its stable profit margins and low barriers to entry.

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