Marketing Plan and Customers


Marketing Plan and Customers

Marketing Plan and Customers

CutFinity™ works with each franchisee to develop its marketing plan and customer base.

CutFinity™ being a family salon, welcomes the entire family, from toddler to senior citizen, and provides them ala carte hair care services including haircut, hairstyle, shampoo, and color. Our Selfie Booth adds to their experience and helps them take pictures of their new haircut, color or style and post it on their social media right from our Salon. This gives a real boost to CutFinity Franchise Business and franchisee’s bottom line.

Most of our outlets are to be located in shopping centres where families usually do their grocery shopping and routine errands. CutFinity understands and exploits this core phenomenon of family life and works around the concept, offering ‘convenience’ to our customers. This helps our franchisees to build their customer base quickly and easily.

The quintessential questions are now crystal clear, isn’t it?

Who is my customer?

The Answer is simple, “Everyone!”

Where do I find them?

Again, the Answer is simple, “Everywhere!”

It may sound a little dramatic, but it’s true!

CutFinity Cares for Customers© Program offers Discount Coupons regularly to make our prices even more appealing, particularly for the first-timers who might have some reservations or maybe hesitant about giving us a try. Our franchisees, managers and salon staff are trained to be extremely responsive and respectful to our customers. ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is our first name, middle name and last name, period!

We help each franchisee develop a Marketing Plan that will be based on your demographics, population, and other local needs. We have marketing materials with templates and will help you get started with an Email marketing campaign, door hangers, and mass mailings etc. to approximately 4,000 to 5,000 homes, depending on the territory allocated to you.

Furthermore, we’ll help you determine how much to spend on your Grand Opening and together we can come up with a great Promotional and Grand-Opening Marketing Plan. This will help you with a soft and smooth launch of your business; we’ll guide you through every step of the way and put you on a path to run your business on your own and grow.

Haircare and Beauty is an In-Demand and Repeat Business; keeping the customers' happy builds loyalty and makes them keep coming for years!

All these combined make it a clear choice as to how and why, NOW is the time to get onto the ground floor of this new franchisor, CutFinity™, and join a success ship with its unique and novel concept!

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CutFinity is a low investment and budget-friendly franchise.

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