CutFinity Story



CutFinity Story

Hair Salons and Barbershops are in every nook and corner of almost all cities and towns. ‘Looking good’ ‘feeling great’ is an innate desire and psychological need of all human beings. Without even cautiously thinking or realizing, people spend money on their haircare and beauty needs, no matter the economy. America’s obsession with beauty cannot be underestimated.

Our founder, Barbie Dash, realized tremendous potential in these billions of dollars’ worth, blooming and budding, beauty industry. With a passion for like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs to start and succeed in beauty business, Ms. Dash made an optimal decision. Ms. Dash quickly observed what it was missing, and added that “x-factor”, an inviting feature to her salons, A Selfie Booth! Thus, was born CutFinity™ A Family Salon with Selfie Booth.

We are new, but we’re up and coming! We learned a lot from the cumulative mistakes and successes of our competitors, hundreds of interviews, measured matrices and data-driven research. Then we added our own cumulative business and management experience to bring this wonderful concept to life, offering you a new generation, profitable, round-the-year business with multiple profit centers.

Our simple and scalable Manager Managed Model© makes it possible for the entrepreneurs and business owners dreams to come true!

Per Market Research Future (MRFR)'s Analysis, the Global Hair Care Market is projected to expand at a healthy and stable pace w/CAGR of 3.40% in foreseeable future from 2019 - 2023. Per Quick Stone Capital Solutions’ Salon Industry Statistics 2018 Report, Beauty Industry is booming! The salon industry is expected to outperform the United States general economy in that same period, and the number continues to grow.”

Many savvy investors are taking advantage of this rising trend and opportunity to expand their portfolios. Rising disposable income and consumer confidence has fostered the industry growth and bolstered the investors. Many individuals and companies have continued to enter the industry due to its stable profit margins and low barriers to entry. we invite you to join us on this success journey.

CutFinity is a high profit franchise in the beauty industry today.

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At CutFinity™ we didn’t invent the Salon Franchise Concept, we just ‘perfected’ it!

At CutFinity™ we didn’t invent the Family Salon Concept, we just added a ‘thrill’ to it!